Japanese Noodles w/Pork Shoulder

After work today I found myself back at the farmers market stocking up on a few things for tomorrow and the weekend. The northeast is a frozen tundra at the moment and I am still unsure if I want to venture out for the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations in Chinatown this Sunday, so I stocked up on some produce, meat and a few other things in case I spend the weekend inside experimenting.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with (more than usual) everything noodle, in particular ramen and somen noodles. I’ve had awesome noodle bowls in Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York & Los Angeles, each city & restaurant with its unique flavor. I like them all. Tonight I made a stand by which has proven super delicious, fairly easy to make and hearty enough to fill me up for the most part – Japanese Noodles with Pork Shoulder.

I know there’s different ways of doing this but I like to let the broth get good and flavorful before I drop the noodles in. My broth tonight I used mushrooms, diced scallions (put the root in as well), diced celery and two half onions for flavor. Add some salt and additional broth flavoring as well – I like the broth just salty enough but not too salty as to override all the other ingredients.

As my broth is simmering I’ve added a few select cuts of pork shoulder to my frying pan, cooking in extra virgin olive oil and seasoned only with salt & pepper. I like to get the cuts of pork shoulder and pick out a few cuts just for this single dish – almost all with a healthy layer of fat I don’t cut off.

Once the pork cuts are about half way done cooking I drop my noodles. They cook quickly within a few minutes. Once finished I run super cold water over them to stop the cooking process. Pour my noodles then into the bowl along with the broth with vegetables. Pork cuts are finished now and I add them to the top with a few diced carrots.

One of my favorite dishes to make. Quick, easy and a great meal when it’s absolutely frigid outside!



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