Red Sauce – {Spicy Make}

I’ve read about three dozen different recipes for Red Sauce over this past week, looking particularly for something a little more spicy than the usual make. I found a recipe in a recent cookbook purchase of “Twenty Dinners” (highly recommend!) that I was fairly confident had what I was looking for. Late last night was a restless night (as most are for me) and after I had exhausted my fill of Doc Martin on Netflix I decided to spend some time in the kitchen. I took the basic recipe for 3 quarts of Red Sauce from my newly purchased book (which has incredible photography by the way) and started  the process. A few hours later and quite tired by then, I was pleasantly pleased with my results. A thick bold sauce which had just the right amount of kick to it, which for me is probably more than most prefer. Not too shabby. Tonight I’ll pair it with the vermicelli I purchased in Philly this past weekend with a few other choice ingredients. 


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