Dim Sum, Sushi, Breakfast Pizza & More

I admit it. I have been eating out quite a bit lately. From Ramen joints in center city (Philadelphia) to local sushi restaurants. I have also been cooking a lot, usually every Sunday for entire afternoons at a time. I am very close to getting my breakfast pizza just the way I envisioned it! (Maybe…

Saturday Cooking Series – {Cornish Game Hens}

Cornish Game Hen: pan seared in butter until golden brown then baked in cast iron, basted in a honey, lemon & soy sauce glaze, thyme & basil stuffed in the gut. Jersey sweet potato OTS. 🐓        🍴  

Balsamic Marinated Grilled Swordfish 

Yesterday was a great day in the kitchen. I snagged this recipe off the internet for balsamic marinated grilled swordfish with a bacon & corn succotash. It tasted great and the recipe was super easy. Success!      

Red Sauce – {Spicy Make}

I’ve read about three dozen different recipes for Red Sauce over this past week, looking particularly for something a little more spicy than the usual make. I found a recipe in a recent cookbook purchase of “Twenty Dinners” (highly recommend!) that I was fairly confident had what I was looking for. Late last night was…

Neapolitan Pizza with Fresh Grown Basil – {Kitchen Adventures}

I managed to spend most of the afternoon today making dough and trying my hand at Neapolitan Pizza. I included a healthy amount of the fresh basil I have growing in the garden out back and probably more mozzarella than the recipe called for. I plan to make this again until I get it just…