Sunday Cooking Series – {Chicken Feet, Sausage, Norwegian Salmon}

Sunday’s are to be cherished. Personally I cook a lot on Sunday’s. It’s my way of relaxing and doing what I enjoy, which is sometimes cooking the most random things on the outside open pit. Autumn is now here in Delaware and the air is just right for hanging out outside.  As evidenced by the photos from today, I couldn’t figure out what I was really in the mood for. So like any normal person, I went to the grocery store with no list and ended up with the beautiful randomness you see below. Sometimes the beauty of cooking with no recipes is simply to see what happens, experimenting with new foods and of course making mistakes. For me, those mistakes all to often turn into my next favorite dish. 


Milkfish & Butterfish -{Seasoned & Grilled}

I’ve been meaning to snag a few quality pieces of fish from my local farmers market, specifically to grill them on my open pit. Tonight’s catch was definitely a success!

Milkfish seasoned simply with sea salt and pepper, lemon and limes along with parsley stuffed into the cavity. Then I added a few butterfish with simply salt and pepper to top off the fish dinner. #fish #milkfish #butterfish